Rhampholeon Acuminatus

Gonzo, is one of our male Acuminatus Pygmy Chameleons. This species is extremely rare in the United States and it is an honor to be able to work with this species.

Rhampholeon Acuminatus were discovered by Mariaux & Tilbury for the first time in only 2006.

They come from the Morogoro region in the Nguru mountains of Tanzania. Nguru South, Komkore forest above the village Ubili, altitude of 1500-1600 m. The name comes from the Latin acuminatus “acuminare” and means “sharpen” in reference to the numerous sharp spines that can be found on the head and body.

The Rhampholeon Acuminatus have a length of 1.85”-2.25” with the tail being approximately 25-35% of the total length.

Adult animals are recognizable by their large disc-shaped andflattened vertical “nose extension” consisting of a small busy with shed skin flap structure.The helmet is clearly separated from the neck and increases towards the rear.An exaggerated dorsal crest and numerous spines on the body,as well as on the limbs and tail are all characteristics of the Acuminatus.






Nearly Natural Trees

Had everyone out today in some of our new Nearly Natural Trees. We absolutely love the Nearly Natural Tree line as they look for realistic and will stay flowering and green year round. You would think they are real if someone didn’t say otherwise.

Azul basking in his 6′ Variegated Ficus

Azul Nearly Natural 1

Azul Nearly Natural 3

Azul Nearly Natural 2

Azul Nearly Natural 4


Raptor in his 5′ Wisteria


Raptor Nearly Natural 3

Raptor Nearly Natural 2

Raptor Nearly Natural 1


Petrie a little upset in his 5′ Flowering Dogwood

Petrie Nearly Natural 1

Petrie Nearly Natural 3

Petrie Nearly Natural 2

Petrie Nearly Natural 4

Bolt Showing off in his 5′ Wisteria

Bolt Nearly Natural 4

Bolt Nearly Natural 5


Bolt Nearly Natural 3 Bolt Nearly Natural 2

Bolt Nearly Natural 1

Nosy Be Babies

We have babies HATCHING!

Azul babies are currently hatching and will be ready for their new homes in 3-4 months. Don’t miss out on some of the amazing true blue Nosy Be Panther Chameleons.

We will have both Males and Females available. Pricing for males are $275 plus shipping and pricing for females are $225 plus shipping. Reserve yours today before they are all sold.

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Azul - Panther Chameleon - Nosy Be Babies (2)


Nosy Be Azul 2 Nosy Be Azul 4