Custom Cage Build – Double Cage

We are proud to show off one of our recent custom cage builds for a wonderful customer Catherine P. She was looking to have a cage built that would both fit on a custom size stand as well as be able to function as not only one cage but also as two separate cages!

So we went to the design table and fabricated a way that the cage could indeed be utilized as one large cage and if needed, a divider could be inserted into the middle and become two completely separate cages. The overall dimensions of the cage are 39″ wide by 16″ deep by 44″ high.

We are so pleased with how it turned out and hope her beautiful “Chumley” absolutely loves his new cage!

 With Center Divider 






Center Divider Removed




LED Lighting

We are currently beta testing one of our new ideas. LED lights are lighting the way of the future so we are proud to be working with some of the best LED’s on the market, Jungle Dawns. We designed these fixtures to work for Pygmy setups as they require much lower temperatures than other chameleons. Melissa is currently helping us out by testing these lights on her own setups. We hope to have the designed finalized soon and be able to bring them to the market. We are also working on larger models for the 13″ Jungle Dawn bulbs which would be the lighting solution for virtually all screen cages.

 LED Light (2) LED Light (3) LED Light (4)

Custom Cage Build

Check out one of our custom builds for Andrea! She already had one 2’x2’x4′ cage and wanted to get another one to match. So we built a custom cage just for her. Her new cage is on the right and as you can see, the HD screen makes it look as if you could reach right in!

Andrea’s setups are absolutely amazing and we are honored to help her show off both her amazing plants and her stunning panther chameleon “Flynn” in one of our Canvas Cages.

Andrea Thanks