Black Friday Sale – Panther Package

Canvas Chameleons Panther Package Black Friday Sale!!!!
We are having a one day only Black Friday 20% Off Sale on all our complete setups. Now is the time to great all the supplies you need to provide your chameleon with one of the best setups available. 
That Starter Series Setup is on sale for only $236 plus shipping! Cage size: 22″ x 14″ x 24″
That Lifetime Series Setup is on sale for only $292 plus shipping! Cage size: 24″ x 16″ x 34″
That Fortress Series Setup is on sale for only $356 plus shipping! Cage size: 24″ x 18″ x 44″
All packages come with everything you will need and much much more!
The Panther Package includes:
Panther Series Cage
Calcium Plus – 3 oz jar
Bug Burger – 16 oz bag
Little Dripper
Hand Spray Bottle
Humidity and Temperature:
Analog Humidity & Temperature Dual Gauge
Digital Thermometer with Probe
Cage Accessories:
Flora Flexible 6′ Vine
Large Zoo Med Amazon Phyllo Fake Plant
Custom cut sticks
Premium Reflector Dome 5.5″
50w Basking BulbHO T5 Double 24″ Light Fixture with 6% Arcadia Bulb and 6.5k Daylight Bulb
Cricket Duster Cup
Combine with the purchase of a panther chameleons and receive 10% off the price of the chameleon.
Combine with the purchase of a panther chameleon and we will increase our 7 day health guarantee to 21 days.
With every purchase of a complete setup we will donate $10 to WeForest


Nearly Natural Trees

Had everyone out today in some of our new Nearly Natural Trees. We absolutely love the Nearly Natural Tree line as they look for realistic and will stay flowering and green year round. You would think they are real if someone didn’t say otherwise.

Azul basking in his 6′ Variegated Ficus

Azul Nearly Natural 1

Azul Nearly Natural 3

Azul Nearly Natural 2

Azul Nearly Natural 4


Raptor in his 5′ Wisteria


Raptor Nearly Natural 3

Raptor Nearly Natural 2

Raptor Nearly Natural 1


Petrie a little upset in his 5′ Flowering Dogwood

Petrie Nearly Natural 1

Petrie Nearly Natural 3

Petrie Nearly Natural 2

Petrie Nearly Natural 4

Bolt Showing off in his 5′ Wisteria

Bolt Nearly Natural 4

Bolt Nearly Natural 5


Bolt Nearly Natural 3 Bolt Nearly Natural 2

Bolt Nearly Natural 1