Ambanja Male - Canvas Chameleons (3) Small

Ambanja is the capital town of the district Ambanja in the northwest of Madagascar. The town is located along the beautiful Sambirano River, about 20 km from the Mozambique Channel, southeast of Nosy Be island.

Ambanja is the heart of the Sambirano region, which comprises the area along the course of the Sambirano River, from the Tsaratanana Massif down to Ampasindava Bay. The climate of the region is tropical with regular, almost daily rainfall, providing ideal conditions for farming. The surroundings of Ambanja are characterised by many lush green plantations. About 60% of the population live from farming, and the most important crop is cacao. Other important crops include vanilla, ylang-ylang, coffee, pepper and rice. One of the biggest cacao plantations in the area is the Millot Plantation.

Ambanja, Madagascar

The Ambanja panther chameleon is one of the most popular locale these days. Their wide variety in colors within the locale makes them a perfect pick for both first time chameleon owners and long-term keepers alike. One can easily find an Ambanja with the color pallet they prefer. From purple on blue, blue on yellow, red on green to even orange on white all Ambanja make sure a stunning piece of art. In recent years, these varying colors and patterns have started some keepers and breeders to define certain looks as sub-locales of Ambanjas. These sub-locales are named Ambato and Ankify. Due to the lack of information about their exact origin in Madagascar it is still hard to officially classify one of these sub-locals but rest assure that they are all still considered Ambanjas.