Ambilobe is a town in north Madagascar. It is the closest town to Ankarana National Park. Ambilobe is a junction town for transport to and from Vohemar, Sambava and other towns along the east coast. Its main agriculture includes sugarcane, rice and tomato, while cotton is also grown and fishing employs about 10 percent of the population.

Ambilobe, Madagascar

The Ambilobe panther chameleon is considered the most popular locale of panther chameleons today. Their endless rainbow of colors captures every keepers eyes and hearts. The Ambilobe panther chameleon is one of Mother Natures living masterpieces.

Within the Ambilobe locale, most males are then classified as their body color, bar color. These typically are one of the following: Yellow Body, Blue Bar (YBBB); Yellow Body, Red Bar (YBRB); and Red Body, Blue Bar (RBBB).