Nosy Boraha

Nosy Boraha or previsouly known as Île Sainte-Marie is an island off the east coast of Madagascar. This long and slender island covers a total area of 222 square kilometers with an overall length of 60 km but only a width of less than 10 km.


Nosy Boraha, Madagascar

Nosy Boraha panther chameleons, sometimes called St. Marie in the pet trade are a spectacular and unique locale. They redefine our traditional thinking when it comes to the colors of a panther chameleon. It is hard to imagine a chameleon that is almost completely white but once you see one of these breathtaking chameleons first hand it is easy to see why this locale is becoming more and more sought after by many keepers.

Although most Nosy Boraha panther chameleons are predominately white it is also common for them to have red and blues in their bar patterns. They can either intensify or disappear when they are displaying their “fired up” colors. Another defining pattern in most is the “U bar” shape that we see in other locales like Sambava.