Nosy Faly

The island of Nosy Faly is located just off the coast of mainland Madagascar, near Nosy Be and is part of the Ambanja discrict in northern Madagascar. Nosy Faly is a small island, only 9 kilometers long. Its environment has been preserved, but the ecosystem of the northern part of the island is in jeopardy due to a growing real estate sector and over-fishing, which put downward pressure on inhabitants’ revenues.

Nosy Faly, Madagascar

The Nosy Faly Panther Chameleon is hard to not fall in love with. Their striking blues, whites and reds make for a perfect combination of colors and patterns. Throw in the yellow eyes and cheeks and one can see why the Nosy Faly locale is so incredibly popular.

In today’s market the Nosy Faly locale typically brings a higher price tag due to is rarity verses its high popularity. In past years obtaining a pure Nosy Faly was extremely difficult as very few wild caught animals were coming into the country and most of those were actually mislabeled. This cause a chain effect of crossed animals that had Nosy Faly traits but were not 100% pure. Luckily, in recent years the wild caught Nosy Falys that are coming into the US are starting to prove out as their offspring are growing up and showing true Nosy Faly characteristic and colors. This is great news for the locale and for anyone who is looking to add one of these amazing chameleons to their family.