Product Features --- Improved super polished mirror-metal reflectors --- Sleek metal housing --- Blue Moonlight LED's & Separate Cords --- Provides Exceptional Lighting Environment"/>

24″ HO T5 Quad Light Fixture – Arcadia 6% & 6.5K Daylight Bulbs

$150.00 $120.00

Lighting Fixture Includes:

  • (1) 6% UVB Arcadia Bulb (22″, 24w)
  • (3) 6.5K Day Light Bulb (22″, 24w)
  • Dusk/Dawn LEDs
  • (1) Single Cord
  • (3) Separate On/Off Switch


  • Improved Metal Reflector

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24″ HO T5 Quad Light Fixture

Includes One Arcadia 6% Bulb & Three 6.5K Daylight Bulb

“What provides the BEST lighting for your Chameleon?”

The overall goal is to create a lighting environment that mimics naturally occurring sunlight. The HO T5 Quad Light Fixture, with three 6.5K bulb and an Arcadia 6% UVB bulb, will provided your chameleon with outstanding lighting for both proper health benefits and the ultimate viewing pleasure!

The Benefits of T5 Technology

  • Smaller diameter lamp – 5/8 of an inch (16mm) compared to 1” (26mm)
  • Flicker free – all T5 lamps operate on efficient, high frequency ballasts
  • Increased efficiency over T8
  • Full Spectrum Lighting Environment

Product Features

Improved super polished mirror-metal reflectors

By using a reflector you are able to focus the total light output, including the UV component, and generating a much more effective basking zone. The use of the right reflector with the right lamp can actually triple the amount of UV available to the animal. One high output T5 lamp will do the job of four separate Arcadia T8 lamps on its own. Reflectors certainly play their part in helping to achieve this huge improvement in efficiency.

Sleek metal housing

Standing only a few inches tall, these fixtures provide a lower profile and stylish design. The use of a metal housing over the traditional plastic improves heat dissipation which improves the life span of the fixtures and also prevents the housing from melting.

Blue Moonlight LED’s & Separate Cords

Moonlight LEDs are perfect when set up on a standard timer to come on before the other lights and stay on after to help simulate the sun setting and not have an complete light to dark transition. The quad fixtures come equip with 3 separate switches and three independent cords that can all be set on a standard timers to turn on a off at separate times creating the perfect dawn and dust patterns.

Provides Exceptional Lighting Environment

Below is a comparison of the double HO T5 light fixture to the single T8 light fixture.The lighting environment produced from the T5 fixture is without a doubt far superior to that of the T8. The quad fixture is even more impressive! The main goal is to provide our chameleons with lighting that mimics natural occurring sunlight and the T5 fixtures do just that.

Double HO T5 Fixture VS Single T8 Fixture

Product Summary

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Canvas Chameleons
Product Name
24'' HO T5 Quad Light Fixture - Arcadia 6% & 6.5K Daylight Bulbs
USD 145
Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 10 x 5 in

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