Carpet Series Package


The Canvas Chameleons Carpet Series Packages provides you and your new chameleon with everything you will need. We made it easy to find all the necessary supplies for keeping a chameleon by placing them all in one package. This not only saves you time on shopping but it also saves you money.

With the purchase of carpet packages, you also receive an additional 10% off any of our chameleons. Just enter the coupon code “completepackage” at checkout to receive your discount.


We always strive to give our chameleons only the best so that is what we included in our carpet packages. We offer some of the best lighting available on the market as standard for our setups, top quality supplies, supplements, gut loads, as well as top of the line cages in all our Carpet Series Packages.

The Carpet Series Package includes:

(1) Dragon Strand juvenile Keeper Screen Cage – 16x16x24
(1) Dragon Strand Ledges – Four Pack

(1) Calcium Plus – 3 oz jar
(1) Bug Burger – 16 oz bag

(1) Little Dripper
(1) Hand Spray Bottle

Humidity and Temperature:
(1) Analog Humidity & Temperature Dual Gauge
(1) Digital Thermometer with Probe

Cage Accessories:
(1) Flora Flexible 6′ Vine
(2) Large Zoo Med Fake Hanging Plant
(4) Custom cut sticks

(1) Premium Reflector Dome 5.5″
(1) 50w Basking Bulb
(1) 18″ PC Double Light Fixture with 12% Arcadia Bulb and 6.5k Daylight Bulb

(1) Cricket Duster Cup



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