Large Keeper Screen Cage


Our Chameleons enter the world as a blank canvas and transform into beautiful pieces of art, so why shouldn''''''''t our cages be the showcase to display your masterpieces!

Cage Dimensions:

23 3/4” Width
23” Depth
48” Height

Large Keeper Cage = 23.75”W x 23”D x 48”H

This large cage will house larger chameleons such as adult male Panther chameleons and  Veiled chameleons.  The cage is large enough to create various vertical landscapes and hiding spots.

Both a drainage tray and substrate tray are available.  Drainage trays sit under the cage and catch overflow water from your misting or drip system.  A substrate tray is inserted inside the cage and gives you abut 2.5” of basin in which you can put dirt, coir, or moss depending on the needs of the animal you are housing.

The Large Keeper Screen Cage is compatible with the Large Keeper Substrate Tray and the Large Keeper Drainage Tray (each sold separately).

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Canvas Chameleons
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Large Keeper Screen Cage
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