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Our customers and chameleons mean the world to us! We hope you are pleased with everything and have a great experience joining the Canvas Chameleons Family.

Julie Pearce

Canvas Chameleons was such an easy experience for me. I was looking online for breeders in New England and decided to check out their website since the company was located in Pennsylvania.

The website was very easy to navigate and there were many beautiful pictures I could look at of the sires in order to make a more informed decision about what kind of chameleon I wanted.

I called Nick’s cell phone a left him a message. He called me back within 10 minutes and was very helpful in answering my questions over the phone. I wanted to see what the juveniles he currently had looked like. He sent me multiple photos over text so I could decide which chameleon I wanted!

I then expressed to him that I was worried about not being home when the chameleon arrived at my house, so he told me he would make sure my shipment would arrive on a day that worked for me. There was no hassle or negotiation. Some of the best customer experience that I have ever received! I will definitely recommend Canvas Chameleons to anyone I know in the market for a chameleon.

Julie Pearce Email
David Longstaff
I want to thank the both of you (+1), for the great experience in purchasing my little female ambanja panther chameleon – sire: acid rain. She arrived much larger than I thought she would be. She was super healthy and eating with in minutes of entering her new home. I had gotten 3 chameleons that week, yours and 2 others the same age. Yours was 1 1/2 times larger, and now is over twice the size of the other 2. For a female, she shows a lot of color and patterns. When she is startled, she quickly moves away and gets a bright red throat for the moment. I will surely be ordering from you again, i highly recommend to anyone looking to acquire a new chameleon that they buy from you. I rate you 10 out of 10. A++++++++
David Longstaff Email
Brian & Carolyn Laframboise
Being new to panther chameleons, we did a lot of research and Nick at Canvas Chameleons couldn’t have been more helpful. He took the time to answer questions, give advice and never pressured us. When we finally made our decision, the process couldn’t have been any easier. We had our little guy in just a couple days. The support has been amazing and knowing that Nick is only a text/email/IG away makes all the difference in the world. We would definitely recommend Canvas Chameleons to anyone interested in these amazing animals!
Brian & Carolyn Laframboise Email
Rachel Zehnal
Thank you so much for my little guy!! He is amazing and healthy! He ate right away and is very active. His name is Calcifer, and I have nothing but the highest regard for your company. I tell everyone about you guys and I hope they choose to join the Canvas family too! The transaction was smooth and delivery was fast. I will be shopping with you again for my next chameleon. Thank you so much!
Rachel Zehnal Email
Kevin Stanford
Canvas Chameleons is great! I purchased a trio of Rieppeleon brevicaudatus and they are perfect. Great job on raising them guys! In need of High Output fluorescent lighting? They have that too-I got a 3′ HO T5 fixture and it was shipped out right away!
Kevin Stanford Facebook
Kate Platvoet
Chumley has had his custom cage for a month and he’s so happy – the double width really works well for him- He’s got enough room for two basking spots with different temps and he uses the whole cage, It looks great- he’s more active I’m so happy with it – Thanks again

Kate Platvoet Facebook
Wendy Housworth
I bought a nosy be that I named Norbert from Canvas Chameleons and he is the cutest little guy. He is settling in quite nicely. When I’m ready for another one I will definitely be purchasing from Canvas Chameleons again.
Wendy Housworth Facebook
Shawn Paddock
Home safe and sound, already eating like a champ! Thanks so much for our new Nosey Be! We are in love already! It was a pleasure doing business with you!
Shawn Paddock Facebook
Jose L Trevino
Thanks guys I love my chameleon. real nice people to do business with
Jose L Trevino Facebook
Jeff Hattem
I bought a female sired by the wonderful Thor. I would gladly make another purchase from Nick and Amanda. Their chameleons are top quality!
Jeff Hattem Facebook
Leslie Burgoyne
I bought a male nosy be chameleon from canvas chameleons recently. I can’t say enough good things. He answered all my stupid questions and was fast to respond and my chameleon is beautiful and healthy. I would buy from them again and again.
Leslie Burgoyne Facebook
Robert Condo Jr
Awesome customer service. Good prices m. Very healthy chameleons.
Robert Condo Jr Facebook
Jeremy Nutt
Amazing guy to deal with very helpful and knowledgeable!
Jeremy Nutt Facebook
Rich Moorman
By far one of my fav companies to do biz with I’ve ordered four Chams this year all are flawless and the nosy be girl I received is of such high quality nothing can compare! Love you both for helping my Cham breeding operation come to fruition! Thank you so much can’t wait for my next purchase!!!
Rich Moorman Facebook
John Armstrong
I’m completely satisfied with my little bundle of joy that he is,Canvas Chams is there for any little questions or anything regarding your chameleon, I couldn’t be more satisfied.
John Armstrong Facebook
Michelle Burks Raia
Update-I bought a male nosybe from Nick. He is a stand up guy. Always available to answer questions, super helpful, and sent me the best chameleon on the planet. I love my new nosybe so much. I will always pick Canvas Chams to do busy with before anyone else. Previous Review- I received my Canvas Chams cage. The cage is incredible. Nick was a pleasure to work with. He is always so pleasant. I had custom requests and he rocked it. Thanks and I look forward to doing more business with you.

Michelle Burks Raia Facebook
April George
Canvas Chams are so passionate about what they do! Beautiful Chameleons that are very well cared for!!
April George Facebook
Stephanie Drummond-Thompson
Our chameleon arrived in perfect health! Nick & Amanda answered tons of my questions & was there every step of the way! Thank you guys!
Stephanie Drummond-Thompson Facebook
Kelly Krezdorn Steinke
Wonderful Small Business, that really cares about their animals and customers! A++
Kelly Krezdorn Steinke Facebook
Jed Weight
I recently purchased a beautiful baby panther chameleon from Canvas Chameleons. Nick was incredibly helpful and answered endless questions with patience. My baby arrived in perfect health and has been doing great. Great experience, thanks guys! I will post some updated pictures as he grows
Jed Weight Facebook
Kate Platvoet
Chumley has had his custom cage for a month and he’s so happy – the double width really works well for him- He’s got enough room for two basking spots with different temps and he uses the whole cage, It looks great- he’s more active I’m so happy with it – Thanks again

Kate Platvoet Facebook
James Raymond
Bought two arcadia fixtures both are great. Nick is great guy to work with and does great work. !!
James Raymond Facebook
Kati Lemons
I have not purchased a chameleon from Canvas Chameleons (yet wink emoticon ) but I had the pleasure of purchasing 2- Arcadia fixtures and lights and they were the best deal around. I also am a forever customer because of the fact that Canvas Chameleons have linked up with WeForest to allow customers to donate and help plant more forests for our beloved chameleons in the wild! Keep up the good work guys. It IS appreciated
Kati Lemons Facebook
Dodge Andersen
Wonderful business ran by wonderful people! Nick and Amanda helped me get everything I needed and helped me bring a wonderful male Ambanja Panther Chameleon into my home! They truly care about their business and their chameleons!
Dodge Andersen Facebook
James Carlsen
While I didn’t adopt a chameleon from them, I did order an adult panther set up from Canvas and it was a great experience. Great customer service and quick responses. If/when I adopt another panther, Canvas will be one of the first breeders I’ll look to.
James Carlsen Facebook
Emmy Sachse
I bought a baby captive bred Carpet Chameleon from Canvas Chameleons and couldn’t be happier. As you may know, quality, captive bred Carpets are not too easy to find! She is absolutely beautiful and arrived in perfect health. I had actually put down a deposit for her before she hatched, and Nick was awesome with keeping me updated while I was waiting a few months for her to be old enough to ship. We love our new baby and I will be getting my next cham from Canvas Chameleons!
Emmy Sachse Facebook
Hannah Michelle Nelson
My husband and I won one of their giveaways on Instagram and we couldn’t be more pleased with the Nosy Be we received from them. He’s beautiful, healthy and all around stunning. If you are ever considering buying a chameleon, these are the people to talk to!
Hannah Michelle Nelson Facebook
Gary Speicher
Had a friend order a beautiful nosy be male for me, came In great health and is doing excellent
Gary Speicher Facebook
Lauren Jagd
Since the day my boyfriend and I fell in love with the photos of some of these chameleons. Mainly the nosy be. We knew we had to have one. We were in contact with Nick the entire time. He was incredibly patient and kind and very knowledgeable with every question I had. It’s not easy learning the correct way to take care of these incredible chameleons. Thank you for everything you have done for us! We love our nosy be!! We will forever be chameleon parents! If you’re looking for an amazing conversation starter to add to your family, there’s only one breeder you should go to and that’s canvas chameleons!
Lauren Jagd Facebook
Eric Jackson
We recently got our little Nosy Be from Canvas Chameleons and they were great! Couldn’t be happier with the new addition to our family and with the customer service we received. I highly recommend these guys!
Eric Jackson Facebook
Ashley Bridger
In August of 2015, I went into a pet store with my boyfriend to get food for his bearded dragon. I saw a chameleon they had for sale and immediately knew I wanted one as my pet. I started doing some research and found one kind that I liked, and fitted me more so than any other kind. I fell in love with the Nosy Be Panther Chameleon. The more research I did, the more I knew the Nosy Be would be right for me. I went in search of a breeder in late September. I found the perfect breeder, Nick Henn, who had Nosy Be’s as hatchlings in early October, along with many other types of chameleons. I contacted him, and he said the hatchlings wouldn’t be ready to be shipped until January, when they were a certain age and certain size for safety reasons. From October 2015 through now, January 2016, he’s answered every question I possibly had, even the questions I found to be stupid. He always answered me back as soon as he could. He helped me learn more about them. More than researching them could ever teach me. Nick is not only very helpful, but he’s very kind as well. It’s easy to tell that he loves what he does. He helped me find a cage set up for the baby chameleon, and even helped me set it up (through pictures) so it would be perfect. He also sent me many pictures over the months as they grew up. Once the 3 month old babies were ready for a safe shipping to where I live, he sent me pictures, and I got to personally choose which chameleon baby I wanted. I fell in love with the perfect one, just by a picture, and Nick kindly put him to the side for me. Nick shipped him overnight to me.

I named the baby chameleon Hannibal. Hannibal is absolutely perfect, and after less than a day, he became my baby. His personality comes out more and more each day. Hannibal is slightly scared still, but he loves his cage. He free range hunts for right now, and he feels more and more comfortable each day. He loves hunting down crickets and drinking off the leaves. Hannibal even wipes his mouth with his hand after he eats a cricket. He has his own personality, and he fits right into my life. I love Hannibal more than anything. As the time goes on, he flourishes even more.

Without Nick, I would’ve never got my new baby boy. I also wouldn’t be as informed as I am without him. I will always be a customer of Nick. He’s very intelligent, more than willing to help, and I don’t think he could possibly be any nicer. I definitely recommend him as a breeder to anyone looking into buying a chameleon. I’ve even recommended him to my friends and family. He made the entire experience very easy for me. Without Nick, my boyfriend and I wouldn’t have our new baby, Hannibal. A very big Thank You to Nick for making Hannibal a part of my family. I’ve never been happier, and neither has Hannibal. I’m very grateful to have found someone who is so knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.

Ashley Bridger Email
April Wilson
Canvas Chams go above and beyond to make sure I have a happy, healthy chameleon. Any questions I have, I don’t hesitate to ask. I know I will get a straight forward and helpful answer each time. You can tell the owners LOVE what they do and extremely care for each and every chameleon. They have great customer service and I would recommend them to anyone!
April Wilson Google
Carl Cattau
You won’t be disappointed with a chameleon purchased from Canvas! From supplies to expert advice you won’t find a better source. Nick and Amanda go the extra mile to provide healthy high quality chameleons.
Carl Cattau Google
Matt Apsos
It has been a pleasure getting to know the owners of Canvas Chameleons. They take pride and care in their work, and it shows in the quality of their chameleons and other products. For anyone looking to get into chameleon ownership, or expand their current chameleon family, I would definitely recommend using Canvas.
Matt Apsos Google
Amanda Henn
Family owned business, that treats all the animals as their own. We spoil our babies and make sure they all have the love and care they need! If you haven’t already make sure to check us out! We would love to put one of our curly tailed babies in your home!
Amanda Henn Google
Items ( 2 T5 bulbs) arrived in a timely manner,and were as described with no issues. Good price and as always, outstanding customer service.
Pat Email
Michelle Kaczynski
I am long overdue I doing a review. I have made many purchases from Canvas Chameleons and have been pleased every time. Nick is helpful and knowledgeable and he is always willing to share. Service is prompt and products are the best. My Chameleon from Nick exceeded all expectations and she is my favorite girl. I can’t say enough good things here but know I am a pleased and loyal customer.
Michelle Kaczynski Email