WeForest is an international non-profit association,  creating an unstoppable movement around biodiverse tree planting.

Today’s biggest challenges are global warming and poverty: WeForest has a very simple solution for both. We restore our natural resources while providing social justice: planting bio-diverse forests in the poorest countries cools our climate and provides jobs for women and enables them to feed and educate their children.

Canvas Chameleons is a proud sponsor of WeForest. Every dollar donated will plant one tree across the world and even directly in Madagascar, the home land of about half the worlds species of chameleons, including the amazing Panther, Carpet and Jeweled Chameleons!

WeForest currently has two project sites in Madagascar. One on the north eastern coast in the village of Ampohibe and a second on the central western coast in the village of Kalamboro.

Please Help Us Help Madagascar!



Ampohibe is a village in northern Madagascar (30km south of Antahala, in the Sava Region). The majority of the population are farmers. The most important crop is vanilla, while other important products include coffee and rice.

WeForest has entered into an agreement with the Ampohibe authorities to reforest a plot of approximately 23 square miles , with a total capacity of about 10 million trees.

Kalamboro is located on the central west coast of Madagascar approximately 75 kilometers south of the port city of Mahajuna. The norther boundary of the Kalomboro Estuary is also the border of the Bay de Baly forest reserve. This massive wetland habitat is approximately 11 kilometers long, with an average width of 3 kilometers. There are hundreds of large and small mangrove channels that weave themselves throughout this complex ecosystem.

WeForest has reserved capacity for 1.2 million trees per year in this delta which means employing and creating income for 250 people and families per year.